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Microsoft Train Simulator, more commonly known as MSTS among its users, is a very popular Railroad Simulator in the Computer Simulation Gaming field since its release in the year 2001-02. After a decade from its release, MSTS still remains the first choice for the railfans due to its simplicity and performance with minimal hardware requirements.

This Website features the contents and resources associated with MSTS under various sections including some high detailed MSTS addons themed on Indian Railways, an open discussion forum to provide a platform for the technical discussions and solution findings, a game screenshot gallery and a very unique utility for the Indian MSTS users to search the missing Indian Rolling Stocks .Eng/.Wag files required for MSTS to run smoothly.

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Screenshot gallery of Indian MSTS addons designed and hosted at IndianRailsim.

An open discussion forum based on subjects/issues related with MSTS.

Download high quality MSTS Addons blended with Indian Flavour, the Indian Railways.

An interactive online database Search App for the missing .ENG & .WAG files for Indian Routes.